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    chinese horror movies channel:provide the new chinese horror movies for chinese horror movies,enjoy chinese culture
  • [2010]Midnight Beating(午夜心跳)
    Midnight Beating (simplified Chinese 小题大做; traditional Chinese:小題大做), is one of chinese horror moives,A full moon night, at midnight the silent hospital corridor suddenly appeared mysterious figure......
  • [2010]Welcome To Sha-ma Town(决战刹马镇)
    Welcome To Sha-ma Town (simplified Chinese: 决战刹马镇; traditional Chinese: 決戰剎馬鎮), is one of chinese comedy moives,its main acotors are Sun Honglei and Lin Zhiling.On Chinese territory lost northwest legend town-brake horse town, a group of well-equipped international thieves to a little-known treasure came here, led with sun hong2 lei2 "protect treasure teams" waging a bloody battle out of the common road the desert, not only conspiracy, and full of humour and wit. ...
  • [2010]72 Tenants Of Prosperity(七十二家租客)
    72 Tenants Of Prosperity (simplified Chinese: 七十二家租客; traditional Chinese: 七十二家租客), is one of chinese comedy moives,its main actors are Zhang Xueyou,Yuan Yongyi,Zeng Zhiwei,Zhang Weijian and Zheng Xinyi....
  • [2010]Beauty On Duty(美丽密令)
    Beauty On Duty (simplified Chinese: 美丽密令; traditional Chinese: 美麗密令), is one of chinese comedy moives,its main actors are Cai Zhuoyan,Lu Yi and Xie Na.when police official of the first day, she caught the police important more crazy after the witness, may be assigned to the identity of the running her beauty mingling with the "miss youth" of the election, personal witness protection for the daughter, in a sexy, beautiful, qunfang colourful competition, connected by the love hate storm and television Mafia in the pursuit of the killer . ...
  • [2010]Fortune King Is Coming To Town(财神到)
    Fortune King Is Coming To Town (simplified Chinese:财神到; traditional Chinese: 財神到), is one of chinese comedy moives ,its main actors are Yang Qianhua,Zhang Zhen and onglin.Public meeting convened by the God of Wealth God of Wealth Explorer, mortal troubled in recent years, is the so-called "world is difficult, there is love in heaven," God of Wealth who in addition to money, but also to spread the love mortal. Because this is an unusual time, the God of Wealth Explorer also has decided to battle with, "such as, Italy, Ji, Xiang," down to earth to send money, all the God of Wealth are marching to the world. ...
  • [2010]Au Revoir Taipei(一页台北)
    Au Revoir Taipei (simplified Chinese: 一页台北; traditional Chinese: 一頁), is one of chinese comedy moives,its main actors are Guo Caijie,Zhang Xiaoquan and Yao Chunyao....
  • [2010]Pinoy Sunday(台北星期天)
    Pinoy Sunday chinese name is 台北星期天,its main actors are Zeng Baoyi....
  • [2010]Track Aduowan(举起手来2)
    Track Aduowan chinese name is 举起手来2,its main actors are Pan Changjiang,Guo Da,Liu Wei,Hu Xiaoguang,Yin Guohua and Dai Feifei....
  • [horror movies]Distant Thunder(迷城)
    Distant Thunder(simplified Chinese: 迷城; traditional Chinese: 迷城), is one of chinese horror movies ,its main actors are Huo Siyan ,Guo Xiaoran ,Gou Siran. ...
  • [action movies]Little Big Soldier(大兵小将)
    Little Big Soldier(simplified Chinese: 大兵小将; traditional Chinese: 大兵小將), is one of chinese action moives.the diretor is Ding Sheng,Wang Leehom and Jackie Chan are the main actors of this movie. ...
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