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    Hello,Welcome to my personal website ,you can get the new Chinese movies here, watch new chinese movies, enjoy the new chinese popular culture
  • [gay movies]Soundless Wind Chime(无声风铃)
    Soundless Wind Chime(simplified Chinese: 无声风铃; traditional Chinese: 無聲風鈴), is one of chinese gay movies,Soundless Wind Chime is a movie about to let go. The story shows the difference between eastern and western culture in the life philosophy, think about death and in the afterlife. And the movie is also showing the fusion of eastern and western mindset and consistent.……...
  • [gay movies]East Palace West Palace(东宫西宫)
    East Palace West Palace(simplified Chinese: 东宫西宫; traditional Chinese: 東宮西宮), is one of chinese gay movies,In 1991, a study by the name of health for raids in Beijing gay community spread, executives is Beijing police . More than 50 gay was arrest, questioned, picks, questionnaire survey……...
  • [gay movies]Lan yu(蓝宇)
    lan yu(simplified Chinese: 蓝宇; traditional Chinese: 藍宇), is one of chinese gay movies,"Lan Yu" released in 2001. It is the emotional entanglements of two men as the main content. This movie adapted from the Internet novel "Beijing Story", directed by Guan jinpeng, and get the qualify of the 54th Cannes International Film Festival....
  • [gay movies]Eternal Summer(盛夏光年)
    Eternal Summer (simplified Chinese:盛夏光年; traditional Chinese: 盛夏光年), is one of chinese gay moives,its main actors are Yang Qi,Zhang Xiaoquan and Zhang Ruijia。Conservation of childhood is a bad child, but now the line is a typical Guaixiao Hai. One day the teacher hopes to influence the bad kids good kids, so provides a good child to accompany children in lone bad side, and slowly to influence him, so he can one day become a good child……...
  • [gay movies]Amphetamine(安非他命)
    Amphetamine (simplified Chinese: 安非他命; traditional Chinese: 安非他命), is one of chinese gay moives....
  • [action movies]Gangster Rock(混混天团)
    Gangster Rock (simplified Chinese: 混混天团; traditional Chinese: 混混天團), is one of chinese action moives,its main actors are Fan Yicheng,Li Weilian,Zhou Chuchu.Baffled the streets suffered a bully singer debt, the two hit it off, breaking into the entertainment industry together. ...
  • [action movies]Wind Blast(西风烈)
    Wind Blast (simplified Chinese: 西风烈; traditional Chinese: 西風烈), is one of chinese action moives,its main actors are Duan Yihong,Wu Zhenyu,Xia Yu,Yang Caini. ...
  • [action movies]My Sassy Girl 2(我的野蛮女友2)
    My Sassy Girl 2 (simplified Chinese: 我的野蛮女友2; traditional Chinese: 我的野蠻女友2), is one of chinese action moives,its main actors are Xiong Dailin,Li Weilian,He Jiong,Feng Yuanzeng. ...
  • [action movies]Let The Bullets Fly(让子弹飞)
    Let The Bullets Fly (simplified Chinese: 让子弹飞; traditional Chinese: 讓子彈飛), is one ofchinese action moives. its main actors are Zhou Runfa,Ge You,Jiang Wen and Liu Jialing. ...
  • [horror movies]Distant Thunder(迷城)
    Distant Thunder(simplified Chinese: 迷城; traditional Chinese: 迷城), is one of chinese horror movies ,its main actors are Huo Siyan ,Guo Xiaoran ,Gou Siran. ...
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