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  • [2012]Happy Hotel乐翻天
    Happy Hotel(simplified Chinese is 乐翻天,traditional Chinese is 樂翻天)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese comedy movies,it's directed by Wang Yuelun.Movie reviews of Happy Hotel ...
  • [2013]Jungle Master绿林大冒险
    Jungle Master (simplified Chinese is 绿林大冒险,traditional Chinese is 綠林大冒險)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese cartoon movies,it's directed by Jungle Master.The future of the natural plants have dried,Humans can only rely on production(Artificial Plants) of A company to Green Earth.Until one day.There was a serious problem in Artificial Plants.A company's employees ...
  • [2012]Motorway车手
    Motorway (simplified Chinese is 车手,traditional Chinese is車手)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese action movies,it's directed by Pou-Soi Cheang starring Shawn Yue ,Anthony Wong and so on.Variety's Maggie Lee wrote, "Cruising pleasantly until a gripping midfilm turning point, the pic only goes full-throttle in the final payoff, with car chases designed to impress the discerning. To's fans and Asian markets will drive sales traffic. ...
  • [2013]Bring Happiness Home快乐到家
    The movie "Bring Happiness Home" about the Thai-Chinese rich girl would like to take advantage of the big international dog race to be famous, but she did not know what a "World dog", and spent three million to buy a "dog Lele. Asia's well-known Chinese dog training guru "William" (He Jiong) and……...
  • [2012]The Last Tycoon大上海
    The Last Tycoon (simplified Chinese is 大上海,traditional Chinese is大上海)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese action movies,it's directed by Wong Jing starring Chow Yun-fat, Sammo Hung, Francis Ng and Huang Xiaoming. ...
  • [2013]The Grandmaster一代宗師
    "Great master" starring Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Zhen, Song Hye Kyo, tells the story of the legendary story of a generation of martial arts master Ip Man. Released in mainland China on January 8, 2013, released January 10, 2013 in Hong Kong, China....
  • [2012]CZ12十二生肖
    CZ12 (simplified Chinese is 十二生肖,traditional Chinese is 十二生肖 )is one of Top Chinese movies and action movies 2012,it's directed by Jackie Chan.The movie begins by a man telling the story of the Old Summer Palace and how it was looted in the 1800s by the British in the Second opium war. Among the treasures are bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. ...
  • [2012]First Time第一次
    The film adapted from the novel " love ". Song Shiqiao often tell the secrets of her heart to the recorder .Because she was suffering from congenital disease, let her not to engage in any violent movement. So, Shiqiao used to use a tape recorder to record her life bit by bit. ...
  • [2012]The Assassins铜雀台
    The Assassins (simplified Chinese is 铜雀台,traditional Chinese is 銅雀臺),is one of Chinese history movies,Between the late 190s and 200s during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao defeated Lü Bu and other rival warlords to gain supremacy in northern China. In 216, Cao Cao forced Emperor Xian to grant him the title of a vassal king, "King of Wei". Cao Cao then had the Bronze Sparrow Platform constructed as a display of power....
  • [2012]White Deer Plain白鹿原
    White Deer Plain (Chinese: 白鹿原; pinyin: Bái Lù Yuán) is a 2011 Chinese drama film directed by Wang Quan'an and based on the novel of the same name by Chen Zhongshi. The film competed in competition for the Golden Bear at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival,[1] where Lutz Reitemeier won the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement for his photography...
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