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  • [2012]My Sassy Hubby我的老公不靠谱
    My Sassy Hubby (simplified Chinese is 我的老公不靠谱,traditional Chinese is 我的老公不靠譜)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese comedy movies,it's directed by James Yuen.Ten years ago, the high school YOYO promised parents to married Zhang thirteen.They decided to fake marriages.During this time they fell in love, and gone through a decade of marriage.After years of sharpening what their marriage life like?……...
  • [2012]Blood Stained Shoes绣花鞋
    Blood Stained Shoes (simplified Chinese is 绣花鞋,traditional Chinese is繡花鞋)is one ofTop Chinese movies and Chinese Fantasy movies,it's Blood Stained Shoes ,Ruby Lin is one of the main actors.Actresses Ye Xiqi, Ruby Lin, Kara Hui and Monica Mok (from L to R) pose during the premiere ceremony of the film "Blood Stained Shoes" in Beijing, capital of China, March 16, 2012. The film will hit the screen on March 31. ...
  • [2012]WuDang大武当之天地密码
    Wu Dang (simplified Chinese is 大武当,traditional Chinese is大武當之天地密碼)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese action movies.It'is directed by Patrick Leung....
  • [2012]Motorway车手
    Motorway (simplified Chinese is 车手,traditional Chinese is車手)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese action movies,it's directed by Pou-Soi Cheang starring Shawn Yue ,Anthony Wong and so on.Variety's Maggie Lee wrote, "Cruising pleasantly until a gripping midfilm turning point, the pic only goes full-throttle in the final payoff, with car chases designed to impress the discerning. To's fans and Asian markets will drive sales traffic. ...
  • [2012]The Last Tycoon大上海
    The Last Tycoon (simplified Chinese is 大上海,traditional Chinese is大上海)is one of Top Chinese movies and Chinese action movies,it's directed by Wong Jing starring Chow Yun-fat, Sammo Hung, Francis Ng and Huang Xiaoming. ...
  • [2012]CZ12十二生肖
    CZ12 (simplified Chinese is 十二生肖,traditional Chinese is 十二生肖 )is one of Top Chinese movies and action movies 2012,it's directed by Jackie Chan.The movie begins by a man telling the story of the Old Summer Palace and how it was looted in the 1800s by the British in the Second opium war. Among the treasures are bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. ...
  • [2012]Flying Swords of Dragon Gate龙门飞甲
    Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (simplified Chinese:龙门飞甲; traditional Chinese: 龍門飛甲), is one of chinese action moives,"Flying Sword of Dragon Gate" picks up three years after the infamous Dragon Inn was burnt down in the desert when its innkeeper JADE vanished. A new gang of marauders had taken over: innkeepers by day, and treasure hunters by night. The inn is the rumored location of a lost city buried under the desert, and its hidden treasure would only be revealed by a gigantic storm every sixty years. The gang used the inn as a front to locate the lost treasure....
  • [2011]Cai Shen Ke Zhan(Treasure Inn)财神客栈
    Treasure Inn(simplified Chinese:财神客栈; traditional Chinese: 財神客棧), is one of Chinese comedy movies,Master Kung and Lo Pa are two police officers of White Horse City, who have high skills but are underused. A robbery happened at the city's richest man Ho Pak Man's home where his whole family was killed and their family treasure the "White Jade Goddess of Mercy" was stolen and the "Police God" Tit Mo Ching investigates the case. Kung and Lo Pa cannot participate because of their low status……...
  • [2010]Long Feng Dian(龙凤店)
    Long Feng Dian (simplified Chinese:龙凤店; traditional Chinese: 龍鳳店), is one of chinese action moives,Barbie Hsu play "dragon and phoenix shop" owner Li Feng, happened to encounter "fleeing forced marriages," the emperor Masanori Richie, so they will put on a funny action comedy....
  • [2011]Don’t Go Breaking My Heart单身男女
    Don’t Go Breaking My Heart(simplified Chinese: 万有引力; traditional Chinese: 萬有引力), is one of chinese comedy movies,It is tell about ChengZiXin who from the mainland to Hong Kong as investment analyst, love life and career are disappointments……...
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