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Brave Rabbit闯堂兔

English name:Brave Rabbit

Chinese name:闯堂兔

Diretor:Zeng Xianlin

Region:China mainland

Showtimes: 2011.10.01

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Brave Rabbit (simplified Chinese 闯堂兔; traditional Chinese:闖堂兔), is one of  Chinese cartoon movies, In the sweet and auspicious hall--chuangtangzhen,a long-awaited wishes congress will be held soon . The rabbit and his  children are busy preparing the  congress .At this time, the rabbit happened to find that seems to have a dark force to destroy the grand wishes congress .More striking is that: the immediate crisis is closely related to the rabbit'father who has mysterious disappearanced for years .A fun and colorful happiness adventure is beginning...

The Classic lines of the chinese movie Brave Rabbit



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The theme song of the chinese movie Brave Rabbit




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